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Welcome To Undefeated

Welcome to Undefeated Boxing Club, the premier boxing gym in town. Our owner, Chino Hernandez, is a professional boxer with a passion for the sport that is truly inspiring. With his guidance, our boxers have won numerous national and regional titles. At Undefeated Boxing Club, we live, eat, and sleep boxing, and we're ready to help you achieve your goals in the ring.

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Get to Know Us

Our students' accomplishments are worth celebrating. Our gym, located in Upland, California, has earned national recognition by winning the silver gloves. We are proud to have produced several champions, including the owner was a regional champion as an amateur. Our professional experience has helped guide the youth towards success.

More Success!!!

At Undefeated Boxing Club, our legacy is forged through relentless hours of rigorous training, both as fighters and coaches. Our journey is defined by triumphs in the ring and the transformative impact of our expertise. Join us as we share our victories and knowledge, guiding enthusiasts towards their full potential in the sweet science of boxing.


Experience personalized coaching tailored to your needs with our virtual Zoom sessions, seamlessly connecting you with our expert trainers from any corner of the globe. Refine your technique and elevate your skills with precision guidance, all from the comfort of your own space.

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